Protecting Your Children from a Car Accident

Unfortunately, we frequently see news reports about children getting hurt in car accidents. The main cause of these injuries is the parental neglect of simple child safety vehicle procedures. It is already proven that adhering to general safety standards and practices will greatly decrease the chances of a child suffering a serious injury.

Back pain and whiplash will certainly impair a child’s development, and these injuries are commonly sustained from car accidents. To prevent these injuries, you should strictly note general child safety practices. Below are some of the procedures that will increase your child’s safety in the event of an accident.

Use Certified and Highly Rated Car Seats

Make sure your child is tightly secured in their seat. It is recommended to use brands that have a high rating for child safety. You also want your seats to be easy to lift and have no operational defects. A malfunctioning seatbelt can lead to a nightmare if you don’t take notice of it early. Children should also be seated in the rear; there is simply no rationale for having your child seated anywhere in the front of the car. Using proven child safety seats and adhering to safe standards will reduce the severity of an injury.

Keep Children Clear of Air Bags

Air bags can be harmful to adults, so there is certainly a high risk that air bags can inflict harm upon a child. These devices activate when the car experiences a major collision. It is important to ensure your children are kept away from areas of the car where air bags are located. This is why the rear seats are the safest areas for children.

Use One Seatbelt per Child

It is not a good practice to have two or more children share one seatbelt. This can often lead to life-threatening injuries that affect multiple children. A seatbelt is meant to be utilized by only one passenger at a time. An accident may thrust bodies and cause serious tissue or bone damage. A single seatbelt is proven to keep an occupant safe during accidents.

After the initial incident, it is highly recommended to see a chiropractor. A well-trained chiropractor can correctly diagnose and reveal injuries that your child may be unaware of. Your children are precious, so place them in the safest conditions possible.


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