Payment Options

Getting chiropractor care after an auto accident injury is vital to getting back on your feet and feeling great again. The staff at Injury Chiropractic Central Phoenix realize this, and are here to help!

In most cases, no out-of-pocket costs are required, and we accept most insurance plans. To gain a better understanding of how we can help, please view the information below or contact us.

Health Insurance

We accept a majority of health insurance plans, including Medicare. However, with the vast array of plans out there, please give us a call to find out if you are covered.

Auto Insurance

Whether you have car insurance or not, your treatment may still be covered by the other party’s policy.  In many cases, you may not require any out-of-pocket costs, even if you did not have car insurance at the time of the accident!

Please give us a call so we review your unique insurance situation and provide you the assistance and care you deserve.