Injury Chiropractic of Central Phoenix offers auto accident chiropractic services for auto accident victims. It’s vital for victims to receive immediate treatment regardless of whether the collision experienced is high or low speed.

Why? To address the damage caused by forces exerted from a collision on the body. While emergency room physicians may need to address only the most life-threatening injuries, our team can pay full attention to the potentially debilitating and painful injuries to muscles, vertebrae, tendons, and ligaments caused by auto accidents.

There are more than three million cases of auto accident related injuries each year involving whiplash, which can cause neck and back pain, headaches, and problems with vision.

Other common injuries include back pain, leg pain, and shoulder pain. And while traditional medicine looks to prescription drugs and surgery, the substantially more holistic chiropractic approach facilitates recovery by effectively realigning vertebrae, alleviating the pain of pinched nerves, and by addressing frequently overlooked soft tissue injures through customized physiotherapy techniques. Our expert staff is ready to offer emergency care to help accident victims heal quickly.

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