When a new patient enters Injury Chiropractic in Central Phoenix, we’ll request completion of our patient forms, to provide our staff with your health history and information about your current condition.

Following the completion of this paperwork, our doctor will discuss health-related issues, concerns, and treatment options, to determine how our chiropractic care can best help you achieve wellness.

After the consultation, with your consent, our doctor will perform a complete examination that tests reflexes, flexibility, posture, and more.

Depending upon the condition being treated, we may also take x-rays to helps us further evaluate treatment and note any spinal conditions. Then, our doctor will provide a detailed report of all findings, and answer questions about treatment plans, cost, and health goals.

After this thorough initial appointment, patients can experience or schedule a first treatment; and the doctor will also provide a wellness program to be used outside the office, such as the use of ice or heat, exercises or stretches, and the activities or positions to be avoided. Our staff can also work with you to establish healthy lifestyle changes.