At Injury Chiropractic Central, we offer various services to help car accident victims find relief from injuries and sustain a thorough recovery.  It is important for victims to seek immediate treatment, even if the accident was minor.

Damages caused by collisions on the body can lead to severe long-term health problems.  Emergency room physicians are available to treat injuries that can be life-threatening.  An injury chiropractic team places special attention on persistent and painful injuries, which affect the muscles, tendons, vertebrae, and ligaments.

Auto accidents are common in the United States, with over 3 million cases each year.  Victims can experience whiplash, which results in neck pain, back pain, vision problems, and migraines.

Car accident victims can experience other notable injuries such as leg pain or shoulder pain.  Traditional over-the-counter drugs or surgery is available to treat these problems, but they not produce the desired results.  A car accident Tempe chiropractor can provide holistic solutions that promote efficient recovery, supports the vertebrae, alleviates pain, and addresses overlooked soft tissue injuries. We have a staff that is ready to offer support to car accident victims.

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