The First Step Towards Pain Management

With six locations in the greater Phoenix area, Injury Chiropractic is the clinic best suited to treating car accident victims and those suffering from chronic pain. Our team of chiropractors is experienced in treating a suite of issues including: whiplash, headaches, shoulder pain, chest pain, back pain, spinal compression, soft tissue damage, spinal trauma, and even the emotional symptoms that arise from traumatic accidents, such as depression and anxiety.

When you go to the emergency room, the physician’s responsibility is to treat life-threatening injuries. But even if your life is no longer in jeopardy, you may still experience chronic symptoms that impact your happiness and well-being. Let Injury Chiropractic see to your long-term care. We do not just prescribe medications; we take a holistic approach, using physical techniques to achieve proper spinal alignment. Schedule a consultation at Injury Chiropractic, and take the first step toward managing your chronic pain and improving your quality of life.